The High Priestess: (Vampire, Witch and Were Series Book 4) C Watton

ISBN: 9781500950323

Published: August 24th 2014


406 pages


The High Priestess: (Vampire, Witch and Were Series Book 4)  by  C Watton

The High Priestess: (Vampire, Witch and Were Series Book 4) by C Watton
August 24th 2014 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 406 pages | ISBN: 9781500950323 | 9.80 Mb

Ellie is a Chardhru who lives in a world of full of vampires. A Chardhru is a witch who has strong blood links to vampires. Ellie and her twin brother Danny have just completed a year at St. Montagues College for magical and supernatural beings and are now going to Bludenbergs Academy.

This academy is guarded by vampires, good vampires called wardens, whose duty it is to protect the all those within the academy. Over the past year Ellie has had so much happen to her. She discovered that she has all five affinities, Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Spirit which is extremely rare and has made her very powerful. She was also made the High Priestess by the goddess. This has made her the number one target for the Khamatari.

The Khamatari are an organised group of rogue vampires. The leader of this organisation, Zaktos, is looking for Ellie because he knows of a prophecy which tells of a High Priestess who has all five affinities. It is said that this person will bring an end to the Khamatari. Zaktos the leader is now searching intensely for Ellie, wreaking havoc on both the Chardhru and vampire world as he goes along.

Ellie knows only too well how ruthless the Khamatari can be, as she lost three of her friends in an attack whilst they were looking for her. She also lost her ex-boyfriend Dominic, who died protecting her in another attack. The one good thing that has happened to Ellie is that Adam has come into her life. Adam is her bodyguard and is also Prince Adathulam, prince of the vampires.

At the end of the year Adam asked Ellie to marry him, she said yes, but she comes with baggage... she is already betrothed and is about to meet him for the first time as he also goes to Bludenbergs academy. There is also another big problem that Ellie is totally unaware of... Adams girlfriend is also at Bludenberg.

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